International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31, 2024
Rachel Crandall

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Each year, March 31st marks the International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV). It's a day to recognize, empower and celebrate transgender, Two-Spirit and non-binary people worldwide.

TDOV was established in 2009 by transgender activist Rachel Crandall, a licensed psychotherapist and the Executive Director of Transgender Michigan. Crandall founded TDOV to recognize the achievements of transgender individuals; the day is a platform for celebration. Before TDOV's inception, the only widely recognized day focusing on transgender issues was Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR).

TDOV sheds light on the unique experiences and challenges faced by transgender people and acknowledges the importance of fostering inclusivity and understanding within our communities.

To mark this year's TDOV, we want to share some of our updated guides and resources tailored to the needs of the trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary community, their loved ones and their care providers.

  • Learn more about transgender topics, including gender diversity, Indigenous gender diversity, supporting gender creative children and their families and more in our free Education Centre.
  • Access information on B.C.’s health-care system, finding care providers and more in our How to Get Care section.
  • Find out how to update your name and gender on by using our Guide to Changing ID page.
  • Visit our Health and Wellbeing page to read our zine and find mind, body, and spirit resources, sexual health info and parenting information. 
  • Connect with communities through our Peer Support Directory.

While Trans Care BC does not directly provide care, we are committed to offering valuable resources and information to support individuals in navigating their health-care journeys with dignity and respect.

TDOV is a step in creating a world where everyone is valued, respected and celebrated for who they are. Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!