Community grants

Community grants

We believe that individual communities around the province can play a key role in identifying the needs of their residents.

Providing funding that makes an impact

Since 2017, Trans Care BC has provided community grants to more than 50 unique peer support projects across B.C.  

These grants provide funding to help communities create new peer support, mental health or well-being services or improve the ones they already have for trans, Two-Spirit A term used within some Indigenous communities to reflect complex Indigenous understandings of gender and sexuality and the long history of sexual and gender diversity in Indigenous cultures. Two-Spirit encompasses sexual, gender, cultural and spiritual identity. It may refer to cross-gender, multi-gender or non-binary gender roles, non-heterosexual identities, and a range of cultural identities, roles and practices embodied by Two-Spirit peoples. Some people also use "2-Spirit" or "2S." (Source: Battered Women’s Support Services) and non-binary Umbrella term referring to people whose gender does not fall within the binary gender system of woman/girl or man/boy. Some individuals identify as non-binary while others may use terms such as gender non-conforming, genderqueer, or agender. Non-binary people may or may not conform to societal expectations for their gender expression and gender role, and they may or may not seek gender-affirming medical or surgical care. community members, including their parents, caregivers and families.  

Projects funded by these grants have included youth and adult peer groups, parent/caregiver and family supports, and Gender Journeys groups. Gender Journeys is a psychoeducational group specifically designed to support trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary people.

Trans Care BC grants

In 2020, Trans Care BC launched a new funding opportunity — the Peer Support and Mental Health and Well-Being Services Grant. This funding was extended to support peers and clinical mental health and well-being service providers working collaboratively to build capacity in their communities.  

Trans Care BC posts funding announcements and information about upcoming events related to trans health in B.C. on this page, our Trans Care BC Facebook page and our News & Events section.

Community funding impacts

Through community grants, people in these communities could provide one-to-one and group peer support and counselling, including Gender Journeys and cultural healing spaces.

These projects support children, youth, adults and families, and several focus on supporting the needs of specific community groups, including:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)
  • Two-Spirit
  • Sex workers
  • Newcomer and refugee communities 

The projects funded so far have offered a range of important community resources including:

  • Food security programs
  • ID change clinics
  • Gender-affirming garment distribution
  • Community consultations
  • Training opportunities for peers

Past projects in the spotlight

Trans Care BC has had the privilege to work alongside peers and peer support providers. Together, we work to make sure everyone can easily get the support they need, including improving equitable access for peer-led and gender-affirming support services.

We have the honour of sharing some of their stories: