Research & partnership

Research & partnership

Guidance for individuals or groups who are seeking partnership, endorsement or research support through Trans Care BC.

Our partnership priorities

Trans Care BC frequently receives requests to support projects and activities with trans, Two-Spirit A term used within some Indigenous communities to reflect complex Indigenous understandings of gender and sexuality and the long history of sexual and gender diversity in Indigenous cultures. Two-Spirit encompasses sexual, gender, cultural and spiritual identity. It may refer to cross-gender, multi-gender or non-binary gender roles, non-heterosexual identities, and a range of cultural identities, roles and practices embodied by Two-Spirit peoples. Some people also use "2-Spirit" or "2S." (Source: Battered Women’s Support Services) and non-binary Umbrella term referring to people whose gender does not fall within the binary gender system of woman/girl or man/boy. Some individuals identify as non-binary while others may use terms such as gender non-conforming, genderqueer, or agender. Non-binary people may or may not conform to societal expectations for their gender expression and gender role, and they may or may not seek gender-affirming medical or surgical care. communities in British Columbia and across Canada. Our priorities for partnership and research activities are:

  1. Project alignment to our guiding principles and strategic goals.
  2. Project lead partner(s) being members of trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary communities.
  3. Project being led by multiple trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary individuals, with diverse social locations (such as race, gender, socio-economic status, education). 
  4. Project is guided and informed by trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary community members through community engagement (such as a community advisory committee).

Guidelines for requests

Decisions about support for research projects are based on program capacity, project alignment, and the ethical considerations outlined in the following documents. Please review these guidelines prior to submitting your request.

  1. Adams, N., Pearce, R., Veale, J., Radix, A., Castro, D., Sarkar, A., & Thom, K. C. (2017). Guidance and Ethical Considerations for Undertaking Transgender Health Research and Institutional Review Boards Adjudicating this Research. Transgender Health, 2(1), 165–175.
  2. CPATH Ethical Guidelines for Research Involving Transgender People & Communities (2019)

We have a monthly process for reviewing requests. Requests are reviewed by staff with experience relevant to the project, and supported by external consultation as needed.

If your request is for more in-depth collaboration, please email for more detailed follow up.

​Submit a request

Please complete the Request for Research and Partnership Activities Form and send your request to