Explore & Transition

Explore & Transition

Find information for yourself or a loved one to help understand the transition journey and available options. 


Understanding gender

Learn the basics of gender concepts and terminology.


Ask yourself some questions to explore and understand your gender.

Coming out

Get help navigating who to disclose your trans identity to and when to do it.
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ID update guide

An online tool that provides info on how to legally change your name and gender marker on identity documents.

Binding, packing, tucking & padding

Become familiar with options for altering your gender expression.

Changing your speech

Find options to present a more masculine, feminine or androgynous gender expression.

Hair removal

Discover short-term and more permanent hair removal options.

Community Voices

Read some unique perspectives, stories, and insights from trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit community members.
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Gender is like this final binary we’re trying to smash down. Maybe we’re all just human in the process of living. We have multitudes of expressions, but when you get right down to it, everyone’s existence is a journey. We aren’t in a binary world, and we’re all just living in our own unique ways.

—F, on how they view gender